Peter MacDonald Photography

Welcome to the blog! Thanks for stopping by. My Name is Peter MacDonald and I’m a photographer based out of Corner Brook Newfoundland.

Here are some highlights of weddings I’ve shot in the past. Some are my favorite photos, and some are favorites of the couples featured here. Hopefully they all show how I approach shooting a wedding.

My goal is to capture real moments as they happen without being intrusive in any way. I believe that these special moments, filled with authentic emotion, will say so much to those who ultimately view them. They’ll help bring all those involved right back to the way they felt on a very special day. I simply love documenting love!

A good friend of mine, who designed a website and lapel buttons for my wedding, came up with a slogan for us and I can’t say it any better…

Love, Baby. Love.

If you’re interested in discussing photography for your wedding please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone at 709-632-5657

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