Matt & Allie

These two were an absolute treat to work with!  They were exceptionally relaxed, highly photogenic, and brought a big loving crew of family and friends to the West coast to celebrate.



Sarah & Steve

When the officiant at a wedding says that this may possibly be the happiest couple he’s ever met you’ve got to believe they are one very happy couple.  I could not possibly agree more.  These two…right for each other.  I’m not sure I had to tell either of them to smile a single time during the day…in fact I do seem to remember Steve having a hard time not smiling in a portrait I wanted him to be a little more serious in.  Much love to you two crazy kids!


Deanne & Jeff


One Lens in Halifax

A while ago I was heading to Halifax for a personal vacation and decided to take just one lens and set the camera to Black and White for the entire long weekend.  I tossed the combination in a beanie and in my bag.  It was a great experiment in thinking about photography in a different way.  Here’s some of what I shot.

Andrea & Terry

Andrea & Terry planned an October wedding hoping for good fall weather….they were not disappointed.  The closer I got to Killdevil Camp near Lomond the nicer the day became, if anything it was on the verge of too warm in the little chapel.  These two deserved no less!  They are a fantastic pair of people surrounded with a great group of loving friends and family.

The force, and love, is strong with these two.


Heather & Ryan

I had the honor of documenting Heather & Ryan’s Easter wedding this year.  It was a fantastic day with a spirited group of friends and family helping them mark their union.  A quick stop by the rink with the Bridal Party was a first for me…and it was fitting.  ‘Mackie’ and I play in the very high level Frank Guy Hockey(beer) League throughout the year.  Congratulations Heather & Ryan!


Limited Edition prints at Picture it in a Frame

I’m very pleased to announce that six of my pieces are available for purchase as Limited Editions through a partnership with Picture it in a Frame.  Drop down to the lower level of the Valley Mall or call 634-7594 ‎ to chat with Chris about purchasing or drop me a line if you want more info.

The best campsite ever.

Here is a shot from a few years ago that I came across tonight.  This is certainly the coolest campsite I’ve ever spent the weekend at.  I love winter but I have to admit this has me looking forward to some warmer temperatures again.


Adam & Tiffany

Here’s some….ok too many…favorites from the wedding of my very good friends Adam & Tiffany.  These two seriously made my job incredibly easy.  They were easy going, relaxed, and super good looking.


A Sunny Fall Day…

Here’s a few fall leaves from around the house on this beautiful fall day.